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Building A Successful Brand

Creating a brand that connects with your target audience goes beyond a memorable logo and catchy tag line.  Everything that you associate your name with reflects who you are and sends a message to your audience.  Our job is to make sure that message is consistent and effective.

  • Translating your core values into a physical representation for your audience to see, feel and touch.
  • Interacting with your audience in unique and creative ways.
  • Developing a strategy for your branded promotional items to ensure you are getting a return on your investment.
  • Understanding your audiences needs & preferences to meet them where they are.

Our team of Award-Winning professionals are here to guide you each step along the way.  Whether you are an established brand looking for a boost or just getting started, helping you lay a foundation with creativity and excitement is how we Build That Brand!


What Our Clients Have To Say....

2 months ago I met this wonderful business at a vendor event in a park and was impressed with their branded marketing items for small businesses. I was able to get marketing material and branded giveaways at an affordable price. I am so happy I ran into them.

Adora West

A great service that can take your business into a higher wave of connection to your costumers.

Eduardo Gonzalez

Tammy was great in helping figure out the type of shirt that would be best for my photography business. She took the time to understand my wants/needs and the process was painless. If you need custom embroidered shirts I can't recommend Tammy enough! VERY happy with out they turned out!

Joshua Choate

Anyone ever here of someone guiding on how to actually market the products your buying to grow your business?? Me either! Nof until I met Tammy from ad-wiz! Not only was she helpful on selecting what I should use to market with, she also …More

Abraham Jimenez


Tammy is the best! As a busy business owner I am relieved that I don’t have to worry about promotions or when to order for best pricing. Ad Wiz and Tammy give personal attention every step of the way . Highly recommend!

Francine Ingui


Tammy helped me realize my vision, even though it was a moving target and my vision changed several times. You don't get that attention to detail and personalize service anywhere else. So refreshing. Thank you Tammy.

Jason Warren


Relationship Building

Showing your team you care and value them is more than just handing them a shirt and giving them a pat on the back! Here at BTB our team's goal is for your team to feel like they are a part of something larger than themselves. Promotional items help build that sense of belonging and recognition and are a cornerstone to help you Build That Brand.

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